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Connor Betts: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Connor Betts

1. Police Were Still Investigating the Motive of Connor Betts, Who Wrote on LinkedIn That He Worked at a Chain Restaurant

megan betts

FacebookMegan Betts and Connor Betts.

So far, the motive for the mass capturing remained elusive. In the El Paso mass capturing solely hours earlier than, an anti-immigrant manifesto probably tied to the gunman there gave clues about motive. In Dayton, there was much less of a paper path pointing towards “why.”

“Clearly, the question has to be, why does Dayton have to be the 250th shooting in America?” Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley stated. “Two hundred and fifty this year. El Paso was 249, Dayton was 250.”

Police Chief Richard Biehl stated at an August Four press convention, “We are very, very early into this investigation. Any suggestion at this time of motive would be irresponsible. We do not have sufficient information to answer the question that everyone wants to know, ‘why?’ We do not have that answer at this time. We will clearly pursue this investigation to try to understand the motivation in this crime, presuming there is a motivation that is understandable. We have a lot of evidence to process through. Much, much investigation is before us.”

Biehl added, “We have not evidence to suggest that there’s a bias motive in this crime at this time.”

Biehl stated the sister was not the primary sufferer shot. They don’t know but if she was focused. The gunman got here to the scene along with his sister and her “companion” in the identical automobile and in some unspecified time in the future earlier than the capturing separated.

Assistant Chief Carper stated police are investigating to see what Betts’ “possible motivation might have been. The suspect was firing a long gun with multiple rounds at the victims.” The Dayton Daily News stories that eyewitnesses to the assault say that the gunman had been refused entry to the bar. Those rumors haven’t been confirmed. Officials haven’t stated what they imagine the motive for the capturing is. One survivor described seeing our bodies falling within the line to get into the bar.

CNN obtained surveillance video that confirmed Betts in Blind Bob’s bar the night time of the capturing with a lady who seemed like his sister and a 3rd particular person CNN named as Charles Beard; he wasn’t carrying the physique armor and so forth used within the capturing. CNN famous that there isn’t a proof Beard or Megan Betts had any information of what was to return.

According to a LinkedIn web page in his title, Connor Betts was a crew member at Chipotle Mexican Grill beginning in 2017 in Centerville, Ohio.

The web page says he labored within the crew at a fuel station in Centerville for 3 years from 2014 to 2017.

“I was their go-to guy for anything that needed done – changing lights, painting the walls, covering shifts. Beyond that, I worked the weekend shifts for 3 years – Friday through Sunday, 3 p.m. to 11 p.m. Unfortunately, I started school and Chipotle, and I had to drop Marathon,” he wrote.

The assistant chief stated the conference middle was being opened up with sources for members of the family. Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown stated in an look on CNN that the suspect, a white male, is a resident of Montgomery County, the county the place Dayton is situated. However, Bellbrook is situated in Greene County.

The lively shooter opened fireplace at Ned Peppers bar in Dayton, Ohio simply hours after a gunman in El Paso, Texas shot and killed 20 individuals at a Walmart. Authorities referred to the Dayton capturing as a “mass casualty incident” on the scanner.

The chief stated they haven’t any motive to imagine there’s a “bias motive in this crime at this time.” He stated “dozens of rounds were fired.”

2. The Accused Gunman, Who Wrote That He Was a Psychology Student But Performed Misogynistic Music, Used a High-Capacity Magazine Rifle That He Purchased Legally

Connor Betts

Connor Betts

The LinkedIn web page identifies Betts as a psychology pupil at Sinclair Community College. The faculty confirmed he was once a pupil there, in accordance with WCPO.

Jesse Creekbaum, who was within the “pornogrind” scene with Betts stated to Vice that he thought-about the music a joke, however now worries “how much of this was like real life for him (Betts)?” You can see a number of the extraordinarily disturbing music right here. He described Betts to Vice as an emotionally withdrawn loner.

The Neckbeard Deathcamp band wrote on Twitter, “I did not know Conner Betts personally, but the midwest grind scene isn’t large and we spend a lot of time pushing pornogrind out of Chicago DIY. For what it’s worth men who cape hard line “””””left””””” politics who nonetheless deal with girls like sh*t are usually not precisely a brand new invention.” According to Vice, he adopted their account on his now deleted Twitter web page.

They added, “Thank you to the handful of publications who reached out to us to talk about it. I apologize if I had let on that I knew the shooter more intimately than I did, to me he was just another dipshit in the facebook groups posting tapes….It seems like kind of a reach that him following us on twitter from a fairly anonymous account meant I knew him well. But no good right wing theory comes without a few exciting artistic flourishes.”

Miami Valley Hospital spokesperson Terrea Little advised MSNBC that the hospital had obtained 16 of the victims.

Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley advised the media in a 7 a.m. press convention that the gunman used a .223-caliber high-capacity journal rifle. Mayor Whaley stated the shooter wore a masks masking his face. The mayor added, “If the Dayton police had not gotten to the shooter in under a minute, hundreds of people in the Oregon District would be dead today. This is the 250th mass shooting in America. It’s sad that it’s in the city of Dayton.” The suspect was carrying physique armor and had additional magazines on him on the time when he was killed.

Police Chief Richard Biehl stated at a press convention that patrol officers within the space for bar closing time heard gunshots about 1:05 a.m. “They observed a large crowd running away from this gunfire,” Biehl stated. “The officers immediately advanced toward the gunfire and within approximately 20 seconds they engaged the suspect who was actively firing and attempting to enter a crowded liquor establishment. The threat was neutralized in approximately 30 seconds of the suspect firing his first shots.” Biehl launched audio and video from the scene, in addition to photographs of the weapon used at a Sunday afternoon press convention:

UPDATE: Officials present newest on Dayton mass capturingNine individuals in Dayton, Ohio, have been killed within the second mass capturing within the U.S. in lower than 24 hours, and the suspected shooter can also be deceased, police stated.2019-08-04T21:22:02.000Z

Biehl stated the suspect was carrying a masks, bullet proof vest and listening to safety. The .223 caliber rifle was geared up with 100 spherical drum magazines.

Biehl stated the suspect’s automobile was parked a number of blocks away from the place the capturing occurred. He fired his first photographs and killed his first sufferer in an alleway close to Blind Bob’s bar after which entered Fifth Street, the place he shot and killed eight extra victims, together with his sister, close to Ned Peppers earlier than he was fatally shot by police. Several different individuals have been injured. The wounds ranged from gunshots to accidents prompted from falling and different panic-related wounds.

A sergeant and 5 officers have been placed on paid go away pending the completion of the investigation.

Biehl stated the rifle used within the capturing was ordered on-line in Texas, however transferred to the suspect at an area firearms vendor. A shotgun was additionally purchased from one other native firearms vendor. Biehl stated there was nothing in his “history or record that would have precluded him” from proudly owning the weapons. And he stated the drum magazines have been additionally authorized.

3. Connor Betts Graduated From Bellbrook High School, Where Students Considered Him a Bully & His Father Works for a Technology Corporation

connor betts

Connor Betts

According to on-line data, Connor Betts ran observe at Bellbrook High School. Daily Beast reported that he lived along with his dad and mom and sister.

Demoy Howell advised the Dayton Daily News that Betts was within the Junior ROTC program in highschool, and the newspaper additionally reported that he was a lead in “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.” However, there was a darkish facet. A classmate advised the Daily News that Betts had “fantasized about tying her up and slitting her throat” and he advised her he was scared he had these ideas. She stated she was included on successful checklist, however her issues weren’t taken severely when she reported them.

Former highschool classmates described him as a misogynistic bully. “I went to high school with the shooter. He made a hit list of fellow students and was arrested. Somehow he was still able to legally purchase a gun, which he used to kill at least 9 people. Something needs to be done,” wrote one.

Chenoa Sandoval wrote on Facebook, “Before the Media portrays this full grown man as an innocent kid who was damaged in high school due to bullying I want to set the record straight right now. Connor Betts had a history of serious harrassment towards fellow female students. Some of which were my friends or siblings of friends. He had a notebook with detailed information on how he wanted to hurt fellow female students.”

A girl named Aubrey Williams wrote, “He loved scaring people. He thought it was funny and got off on it. He scared my sister so bad once, I think he held her in his car against her will. She started crying and he laughed at her. He was sick.” Another wrote, “wasnt our responsibility!! We WERE just kids!! It should not be a kids job to sfop a killer!! People did report him!!”

His dad and mom’ Facebook accounts are lively. Their names are Moira and Steve Betts. On Facebook, his mother posted footage of pumpkins, household, Christmas ornaments, Christian non secular statues and a graphic that declared “stop the alt right.” She labeled a photograph of Betts and his sister Megan, “My loves.” His dad wrote on Facebook that he was a technical lead for a applied sciences company. Betts’ father posted about internet neutrality and humorous parody movies. He additionally shared a video that criticized the rhetoric of President Donald Trump. Here’s his dad’s put up the day after Sandy Hook:

Terrified individuals flooded social media with accounts.

“Wow could’ve lost my life tonight at Ned peppers, I’m still shaking prayers for the ones who didn’t make it … thanks for reaching out I’m safe 😔” wrote one girl on Facebook. A person advised buddies on Facebook that he was too “busy trying to survive honestly smh I just know I saw them trying to resuscitate multiple people.”

James Williams, who stated he was an eyewitness, wrote, “People this is awful I’ve never seen nothing like this in my whole life.” A video captured heavy gunfire (bear in mind that the language could be very graphic in it.)

Another man wrote: “They just shot up ned peppers while I was in line…. police just killed dude 5 feet in front of me… I can’t go out in this city anymore 💯.”

Taylor Mayberry wrote, “Me and (friend’s name) made it out of Nedpeppers safe. Scariest thing of my life. Prayers for all of the people who didn’t make it out 😭.”

The Dayton capturing stories broke round 2 a.m. on the east coast. “Reports of an active shooter with multiple victims in Dayton so I’m laying in bed listening to scanners and hearing them call for homicide detectives. Is not even been 24 hours… This country has gone mad,” wrote one girl on Twitter.

“If you got fam at Oregon district.. check on them 🙏🏽,” wrote one man on Twitter. “I was on the phone w my boy & gun shots start going off right next to him.. hella rounds smh Dayton is cursed.”

4. Betts May Have Had a ‘Hit List’ in High School & Spoke About His Knowledge of Violent Tragedies to His Ex

Connor Betts

Connor Betts

The girl he briefly dated additionally advised The Toledo Blade that Betts had bragged that he knew loads about mass shootings. She shared a textual content message change with the newspaper, during which she requested, “Do you know tragedies from every city?”

“A fair bit of them! 😀 [smiley face],” he responded. She advised the newspaper he was charming and outgoing, however stated he advised her he had put a gun in his mouth earlier than and he as soon as referred to as her drunk and stated he needed “to hurt a bunch of people.”

In highschool, Betts could have been suspended for drawing up successful checklist on the lavatory wall, in accordance to WCPO-TV. Chris Baker, the previous principal, advised the Journal-News, “I would not dispute that information, but I don’t want to get involved any more than just making that comment.” Bellbrook police stated they’re treating the Betts’ household as victims.

Dayton 24/7 Now spoke to classmates of Betts who alleged that “Betts was supposed to write a letter of apology to the people on the list. After being expelled, Betts was allowed back to school.” The website reported that Betts was not described as a loner. This website says the varsity incident occurred when individuals “found a notebook where he reportedly wrote a list of people who he wanted to rape, kill and skin their bodies.”

A former classmate advised CNN the checklist was divided right into a “kill list” for boys and a “rape list” for ladies. Another classmate advised CNN: “He loved to look at you and pretend to shoot with guns, guns with his hands.”

According to the Dayton Daily News, Betts “didn’t have a violent criminal background.” He had a pair dashing tickets in Centerville and no hid weapon allow, the newspaper reported.

Graphic and disturbing movies circulated on social media. One of them captures the repeated sounds of heavy gunfire. Be conscious that a number of the language could be very graphic.

5. On Twitter, Betts Described Himself as a Leftist & Wrote About Hell & Guns

The El Paso shooter had a social media presence that indicated help for President Donald Trump and anti immigrant measures. Connor Betts’ Twitter web page could be very totally different; he signifies he’s a “leftist” and rails in opposition to QAnon, ICE, the economic revolution, and police.

On Nov. 2, 2018, he wrote: “Vote blue for gods sake.” NBC News reporter Ben Collins additionally stated on the air that Connor Betts had a social media presence and recognized himself as a part of the left, and that he “tweeted about Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders.”

Photo on the Twitter web page (left) and on his mother’s Facebook web page (proper)

“This is America: Guns on every corner, guns in every house, no freedom but that to kill,” he wrote in December 2018. And, “’Tis! The pistol is a Beretta 93R, called the REK7 in BO4. Do love me some guns!” He additionally wrote, “Hammer, brick, gun.”

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